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We recognise that Science is about children exploring and investigating the world around them. They need to be provided with practical experiences through which they can develop a sense of enquiry and be introduced to new areas of knowledge and understanding. Biology, chemistry and physics are studied, whenever possible, by first hand experimentation and the children are offered opportunities to ask questions, make and justify predictions, hypothesize questions and carry out a range of different scientific enquiries and investigations independently and in small groups.

At Woodnewton our aims are to enjoy science and to develop children’s knowledge and understanding of living things, materials and physical processes. Their skills in planning experimental work and obtaining and analysing evidence are developed as they progress through school.

In key stage 1 some of the topics which include science are: Dinosaurs where children learn to identify a variety of animals that are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. Blooms and bugs where children grow plants and become tree detectives. Whose wearing what where children investigate the most suitable material for making a waterproof bag for a polar bears expedition. The children learn about reversible and irreversible changes through investigating changes with food.

In key stage 2, some of the topics which include science are: Inventors and inventions where children learn about different scientific discoveries and electricity; Stone age bone age where the focus is on fossils and the functions of teeth; Chocolate in which children explore materials and their properties and learn the states of matter whilst making their own chocolate treats; All the fun of the fair where children experiment and hypothesise about the different forces and how they work; Fit for Life where the human body is studied to find out how to stay fit and healthy, how bodies change through human life and how humans and animals have evolved and adapted through the years.