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Priors Hall
a learning community

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Our Staff

We would like to introduce you to our staff:

Interim Chief Executive Officer: Sue Cordwell

Interim Headteacher: Julie Medhurst

Teaching Staff

Early Years Foundation Stage Lead: Alex Crawford

Key Stage 1 Lead: Tess Brewster

SENCo: Jenna Smith

Foundation Stage 2: Lesley Farrell, Kerry McCreadie

Year 1: Tess Brewster, Ben Lynch, Barbara Chisholm 

Year 2: Chris Capes, Lee Petchey

Year 3: Michaela Goodall



Lead teacher: Alex Crawford

Senior Early Years practitioner: Lucy Nisbet

Early Years practitioner: Karla Carson


Support Staff:

Teaching Assistants Michelle Bruce, Harry Barwell, Kristina Martin, Sarah Larrett, Andrea Rzymski, Kate Kinneir, Sarah Dredge

Lunchtime Supervisors:  Karla Connelly, Mirella Fernandez, Steph Colgan, Melissa Cunningham, Joanna Sil, Mariana Sipula


Project Manager: Sue Martin

Finance Manager: Sarah Sherlock

Administrator: Nikki Moxam

Bursar:  Sarah Russell

Designated Safeguarding Officer: Jezamin Lindsay

Health and Safety Manager: Claire Spooner 

ICT Manager: Aaron Wheeler

Social Communication Specialist: Gwen McConnell



Premises Staff

Site Manager: Mark Kilgallon, Tom Nicol 

Cleaning Staff: Barbara Thurman, Laura-Beth Curston, Vanda Trojane



Breakfast Club: Kristina Martin (co-ordinator) Barbara Thurman, Marcus Austin 

Tea-Time Club:  Karla Connelly (co-ordinator), Aimee Foster, Natalie Cox, Steph Colgan, Melissa Cunningham, Joanna Sil